Description of Ghetto Gaggers / abuse porn

–TRIGGER WARNING – This page contains graphic descriptions of extreme, racist, misogynist sexual violence and discussion of this subject. The content in question is very disturbing for many who see it. This writer does not recommend viewing the films or pictures in question. —

This article is intended to address the rise of hate/abuse porn websites. I have focused on the website “Ghetto Gaggers” among the variety of hate/abuse porn sites as one particular form of bigotry to be confronted. In no way do I mean to minimize the harm caused by other pornography of a similar type.

There is apparently a growing trend in internet porn towards extreme humiliation, force, choking, spitting, slapping etc. Some porn that has appeared in the past decade or so is particularly geared towards humiliating individuals from oppressed groups and forcibly attacking them sexually on camera. I have seen some footage of this kind and can relay from what I’ve seen with my own eyes and read and heard others write in researching this issue. I will first present a detailed description of one form of this content and then in the following sections I will give my analysis of this issue and what I think we can do about it.

There is a website called Ghetto Gaggers (GG) that specifically capitalizes on the humiliation of Black women by white men. It appears the individuals behind this website have been making videos of this kind in the US since 2005. To give you a sense of what some people’s introduction to this website is, I saw a GG ad pop up on another site boasting that they are continuing the legacy of hundreds of years of white men violating Black women and using them as sexual objects. Just a click away. Those on the films are screamed at and ordered to drink their own vomit that was forced out of their guts with a pale penis forced into their throats while having intensely racist insults and mocking jokes hurled at them. The producers of these films appear to delight in asking women if they have been sexually abused when they were younger and then laughing while performing violent sex acts on them. Recently, GG filmed a woman and wrote “Black Lives Matter” on her body and tried repeatedly to get her to say the phrase while she was being attacked. At least one film shows a white man holding the end of a small noose that is circled around a Black woman’s neck while she is being sexually attacked.

Surfing on a large free porn database one day I saw a video with a title about making a “bitch” black out. I was shocked and intrigued enough to click the link. I then saw what the title promised – the set of GG and a white man behind a Black woman with his arm around her neck so tight that she did actually black out for about 10-20 seconds, during which time she was pushed and jerked around and slapped in the face and screamed at and had a pale penis forced into her mouth – while she was still blacked out from being choked. People often argue that porn is “fake” so you can’t take the violence and degradation too seriously – it’s just an act. It’s clear from watching that video – this young woman was not acting – she was actually choked unconscious.

It is clear that many of the women on these sites really do not know what they are getting into, and according to the text describing these abuse videos, the perpetrators delight in this being the case. This reveals multiple layers of coercion going on here. Reading over the text descriptions of videos on the Black on Black Crime website, I noticed these perpetrators openly, casually explain that this or that young woman was forced by their pimp to do a video. It also became clear from the words of those who chose to shoot an abuse film and some who chose not to that many of the young people that end up on these sites are extremely young, and often manipulated and left in the dark by porn talent agencies that also profit from the violence. Many of these young women are 18 or 19, and if the websites themselves are telling the truth, many have never been in any porn film before they start getting slapped in the face and forced to vomit.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post ( by someone who was subject to a shoot with Facial Abuse (FA) – the “Ghetto Doorway” site where the same white men attack white women:

“Once we started I didn’t even make it for 2 minutes before I had to stop. I started on my knees with the male talent literally shoving their cocks down my throat until I gagged an couldn’t breath. I had to break because I was ready to pass out. when we started again it was no easier. I was still on my knees an the guys were so aggressive that at one point I literally had to stand up and push with all of my strength to get off of him. there is no point in having a safe word when you can’t talk. I was clawing at their legs and slapping their thighs and they still wouldn’t let up.  So I took another breather and now I had 5 minutes of footage under my belt.  After my break one of the guys picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and shoved me on him again. Then they pulled me off by my hair and smacked me in the face so hard it gave me a bloody nose. they didn’t even notice that I was bleeding until they threw me onto the couch and started throat fucking me while my head hung off the couch.

“ As I was sitting on the couch I noticed that I was having trouble seeing straight. One eye was looking one way and the other looked straight. So not cool. We started again with me leaning off the couch again and again I had to shove the guys off of me with all my might to be able to breath. I even threw myself on the floor to get away and they picked me back up, dropped me on the couch and kept going. finally I called for a break and took off for the dressing room. I was so done being abused. I was literally shaking and my brain was no longer in the just get through the  scene mode. It was very fight or flight and I could not go on anymore…

“After another minute to gather myself I walked back on set and said I was tapping out. They told me that they had about enough footage that they could sell it if they got the popshot so I sat on the floor and finished the scene. For all of that they paid me $200. I packed up my clothes and headed back to the city. I was so shook up I was crying on the way home too. I literally could not even swallow my soda. Those are the facts take them as you like…

“The stuff that happened to me should never happen to anyone so I would suggest a boycott of this site. With my shoot with Kink I knew I had people there that actually had my back and were doing it all for show. FA is all about hurting women as much as they can and getting away with it. One of the clauses in their contracts says that you can not come back to them for any physical or emotional damages caused during you shoot. Therefore they could literally fuck a girl up for life and she can do nothing about it. It’s a typical clause but they really use it to their advantage.”

This courageous survivor who spoke out is calling for a boycott of Facial Abuse. However, five years after her blog post, the site seems to be steadily producing more and more content.

Here is a review of FA written by a member of the site ( ““I like things a little rough sometimes, but watch the “[name omitted]” video, for example, and it’s pretty clear these guys are rapists. At first she was game, but she ends up crying and shaking uncontrollably. The camera keeps rolling while these scumbags make it clear that “no” is not an acceptable answer. Disgusting. Yeah, some of the facial photos look appealing, but this site crosses the line from fantasy to flat out rape. I hope these guys end up getting raped in prison like Max Hardcore.”

According to their recruiting website (, the producers of these scenes pay $1000-$2500 for women to subject themselves to this treatment. If they can’t stand the sexual violence, the assault on their spirit, they can cancel the torture in the middle and get a “kill fee” of $200. The website still makes money putting the videos for sale on the internet for years into the future and humiliating the woman on film who goes home with $200. I have seen a short clip of a woman pushed way past her limits who walked off the set and was followed into the bathroom by the cameraman who continuously assaulted her with humiliating racist comments.

Several scenes I have seen or read descriptions for refer to the woman showing clear signs of dissociation, trauma, emotional damage and these signs are duly noted by the writer of the content and celebrated. Here’s a sample of how GG describes what they themselves are doing to people:

“[Name omitted] is a crybaby whore and I’m guessing that it stems from something involving a dick early in her life. Judging from the way she dislikes a hard cock in her mouth, I’m going to say it was cock sucking that turned her into damaged goods. I’m still trying to figure out why this ebony skank signed up for Ghetto Gaggers which as you know is the roughest Cock Sucking/Face Fucking sites on the internet. Oh well that’s her problem anyhow. This whore was broken the Ghetto Gaggers way. For 10 minutes this ghetto whore cried and whimpered as if it wasn’t going to fall on deaf ears. You know this only makes the scene better. Gio may still be a newbie, but he sure as hell delivered a great performance on this slut. He made his white man meat go straight down her throat, gagging her nicely. He then went to work on her cunt and made sure to use it and give it a good fuck.”

Another video bears this description:

“This Ghetto Gaggers scene with [name omitted] is going to leave you saying, “What in the fuck did I just witness?”. This skinny hoodrat is new to porn and there’s no doubt that this is going to be her one and only video. This malnourished whore with pancake tits is not cut out for this abuse. She had the audacity to hate every second she had a white cock stuffed down her throat. It was the same thing when it came time to have her ebony snatch pounded. Her breaking point was having loads of cum dumped on her face. She actually ran off in tears. Boo Hoo bitch, you can’t take a face fucking, a cunt fuck, or a damn facial and you think you’re going to make it in porn? Sucks to be you.”

This network of sites contains content to suit multiple varieties of racism and misogyny. Here is one piece of an account from a desperate Latina mother, trying to earn money for her family, who survived shooting a film for the “Latina Throats” website:

“I was a victim of this website. They tell you that they won’t abuse you. They start very nice, taking their time. They said, “You’re just going to do a little porn, get paid and get out.” No, that’s not the truth.

I didn’t know it was in a warehouse. The lady didn’t tell me where I was going. And once I got there and begged them to stop, and told them I wanted to leave, they just beat me up more.” (

Even some folks who enjoy raw and taboo forms of sexual power-play are up in arms about this porn. In a comment to a well-thought out blog post, one (unfortunately racist) blogger explains how some of this porn is more rape than fantasy:

“I enjoy rape porn. That doesn’t mean that I am alright with what is doing. There is plenty of rape porn that is pure fantasy and scripted, where the actors consent to what is happening. And if there is consent present then it doesn’t matter how rough it is, because it is an enjoyable experience for the people involved. There are men and women who enjoy rough stuff and they should be allowed to do rough stuff. But even those people have a fucking safe word. In the FA-video that I linked at the VERY START of this article it is evident that when working with FA, it doesn’t matter if you have a safe-word. Because there is a cock in your throat making it impossible for you to say it.”   (

I read a description of the scene he is referring to and it is one in which the man locks his legs around the woman’s head while his penis is in her mouth and he actually uses the force of his legs to prevent the victim from getting the penis out of their mouth for air or a break. I have seen this (rape) technique used by these men in a different video and it appears to me as obviously forceful and coercive. One horrified youtube commenter speaks well on how these interactions become rape at a clearly identifiable point –

It is clear from the actions depicted, the words of abuse hurled at the women, and the written descriptions on the website which go along with each video that these “pornographers” are seeking to psychologically break their victims down to the point where they stop resisting the extreme humiliation and pain heaped on them. There are rumors on the internet about a famous porn actress leaving the industry and seeking therapy because of the effects of shooting with GG.

Finally, to give a sense of how many viewers react to these videos, I gathered a number of typical comments that can be found in the comments sections of GG videos that appear on free porn video databases:

“love the way he force trained her to take all his cock in her throat”

“hopefully One of these girls bites his fucking dick off and he bleeds out right on camera for the whole world to see. I’d pay to see that!! For real!

“Filthy white pigs will do that to their own children too”

“this is what slavery must have been like….damn lincoln….wish i could have experienced it”

“Im gonna do my bitch just like this”

“Nothing like a blk women getting disgraced by the white man”

“Shit is sickening”

“This is great but should also include pissing down their throats”

“These men’s fascination with brown women is just sad.”

“brown women= baby making machines”

“I love this 1 the best because she cracked love it”

“U shouldn’t be on a porn site if u can’t handle it acting like children. Porn is to satisfy ppl’s fetishes and fantasy’s If u don’t like humiliation don’t watch it. It’s porn with white and latina women getting the same treatment. it’s women who like humiliation dominated play master slave roles It turn them on. Black men love watching porn humiliating white women but as soon as they see white men humiliating black women they want to cry racism. Stfu”

“why submit to this shit”

“if Max Hardcore is doing jail time then these asshoels should be in a cell right next him !!”

This is the most neutral account of what I know about this type of abuse porn that I can offer. For those who I’m writing to, I don’t need to waste a single word of indignation trying to persuade anyone of the harm. The other sections on this site contain a collection of ideas on how to combat this form of abuse and some analysis as an attempt to explain what this disturbing reality means today and where it came from historically.

Against hate/abuse pornography. For dignity and empowerment for sex workers.